Wednesday, June 29, 2011


dare to soar above the darkness of others
defy gravity to take on this challenge
reveal the color God has painted your heart
only obstacle to inaugural flight is you

I want to push myself as a writer. One cannot always or only write when "inspired".  Writing is like a muscle that must be used and trained in order to become stronger.  This is why I have chosen to participate in Magpie Tales.  This is how it goes.

  1. Go to Magpie Tales.
  2. Look at the picture.
  3. Write something about it and post on your blog.
  4. Link your piece of work on Magpie Tales.
  5. Read other's works and comment. 
  6. Grow as a writer and explore the exciting world of creativiy!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


flesh of my flesh
blood of my blood
fruit of my womb
time has painted us together
     canvas grazed with swirls of a lifetime
     painter's hand creating warmest impression
light, movement, softness of color
we already the “we”

born of another
heart of my lover
flowers of other's garden
chance has brought us together
     canvas fraught with juxtaposition of
     painter's hand creating harshest abstraction
angle, balance, boldness of color
we yet the “shall be”
neither the same
each treasure
both masterpiece

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Soul

for my soulmate, my love, my other half

tumbling from the heavens onto this earth
one soul, fragmented into two, at hours of birth

after the fall, each soul-half, lost and confused
searched for the other, 'til battled and bruised

longing for complement and purest of love
once as it was, in the heavens above

aimlessly wandering, seeking truth of other soul-twin
without answer, always wondering, "when?"

empty connections, shattered hope and broken dreams
almost giving up, heart torn at the seams

until accident, deftly woven by the weaver's fate
dispirited soul-halves, come upon destined mate

each, tattered, torn and listless, gaze into eyes of the other
an instant knowing, no need to search for another

one soul wholly reunited, "you are the he and i am the she,
finally together, we are the we"