Monday, July 4, 2011

vincent's pas de deux

one-two three

dance with me, waltz with me
into warm, sun-kissed day
our footsteps, soft swaying
give birth, honey-sweet hay


one-two three

promenade, to the skies
under fair, starry night
swirling globes, arabesque
heaven's hope, taking flight

one-two three

rise and fall, to terrace
embraced by softest light
pas de deux, comes to end
quiet dance, has given sight

Inspired by Magpie Tales 72.   

Friday, July 1, 2011


independence, not always freedom
days and nights
without other
not nearly as sweet as milk and honey
rather, lonliness' acrid pill
until day, hour, minute of surrender to love's first kiss
submission to another
seemingly to usurp liberty, personal sovereignty
not so
with him
marriage of souls, freedom takes flight
independence born

A different take on freedom and independence on Canada Day & the quickly approaching American Fourth of July.  I often think that true freedom begins with we and not I.  Surrendering to the will, hopes, dreams, and lives of others more often brings about true liberty than the wants and needs of just one.