Tuesday, June 28, 2011


flesh of my flesh
blood of my blood
fruit of my womb
time has painted us together
     canvas grazed with swirls of a lifetime
     painter's hand creating warmest impression
light, movement, softness of color
we already the “we”

born of another
heart of my lover
flowers of other's garden
chance has brought us together
     canvas fraught with juxtaposition of
     painter's hand creating harshest abstraction
angle, balance, boldness of color
we yet the “shall be”
neither the same
each treasure
both masterpiece


Brian Miller said...

nice lisa...you did really well with this...particularly the second stanza...juxtaposition of expectation...very nice...

Lyn said...

I love the "chance"..or inevitability..All so strongly brought together...
I used the Kandinsky in my blog, long time ago, Dec.13, 2009 "Entering"...you might enjoy..fell in love with him!!