Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Soul

for my soulmate, my love, my other half

tumbling from the heavens onto this earth
one soul, fragmented into two, at hours of birth

after the fall, each soul-half, lost and confused
searched for the other, 'til battled and bruised

longing for complement and purest of love
once as it was, in the heavens above

aimlessly wandering, seeking truth of other soul-twin
without answer, always wondering, "when?"

empty connections, shattered hope and broken dreams
almost giving up, heart torn at the seams

until accident, deftly woven by the weaver's fate
dispirited soul-halves, come upon destined mate

each, tattered, torn and listless, gaze into eyes of the other
an instant knowing, no need to search for another

one soul wholly reunited, "you are the he and i am the she,
finally together, we are the we"


Brian Miller said...

smiles. excited to see what gets played out on this page...and congrats to you both!!!

Pam said...

I'm so happy for you Lisa. I liked the snark(you have a wicked sense of humour girlfriend) but I like the "madly in love" you just as much. :D I look forward to reading your new blog! :D

Legally Chocolat said...

love this